Saturday, November 24, 2007

Insurance Commissioner Jim Long Visits Richmond County

Jim Long

Insurance Commissioner Jim Long – also known as the dean of the Council of State, or “the oldest rat in the barn” (having been bequeathed that moniker from the late Agriculture Commissioner Jim Graham and the late Secretary of State Thad Eure) – joined a throng of fellow partisans for Richmond County’s 2nd Annual Morrison-Deane-Goodman Democratic Dinner & Rally. Richmond County Democrats recall that he attended the event last year as well, making him one of a handful of State officials and candidates who have joined the rally both years.

As he does at every rally where he is given – no, takes – the opportunity to speak, Commissioner Long wowed the crowd with why Democrats are needed to win up and down the ballot. He reminded folks how a few people, particularly the out-of-State insurance company CEOs, would love to see him defeated. But he will not give them the satisfaction: In 2008 he is up for a seventh term. In 2004 he led the ticket with more than 58% of the Statewide vote.

Jim Long also took the chance at the rally to have fun at the expense of Assistant Commissioner of Insurance Wayne Goodwin, who was busy snapping photos and floating around the room meeting with the 200+ Democrats. “We are so thankful that Melanie was elected to the House of Representatives to succeed Wayne. Her joining the General Assembly and his joining the Department of Insurance raised the IQ of both places,” he quipped with a smile. Earlier in the evening he joined a hearty crowd of supporters at the historic Hamlet Depot, all who turned out for the re-election announcement of State Representative Melanie Wade Goodwin.

During his service thus far as Insurance Commissioner, Jim Long has saved Tar Heel consumers more than $4 billion on auto insurance premiums alone. When you count homeowners' insurance premiums, his successful attempts to rein in insurance costs equals savings for consumers greater than $5 billion. Commissioner Long does everything in his power for the best interests of the consumer. Topping his list is low, affordable, reasonable insurance premiums. Moreover, he has helped keep a competitive insurance market in North Carolina.

Jim Long deserves reelection to the office of Insurance Commissioner in 2008.

To learn more about the Jim Long campaign and his service, check out and

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Note to Reader: This is one in a series of synoptic posts about Statewide candidates who attended the Richmond County 2nd Annual Morrison-Deane-Goodman Democratic Dinner & Rally in Hamlet on November 8. Given that I serve as chair of the 8th Congressional District Democratic Executive Committee and am prohibited from endorsing in a primary, these posts are not and must not be interpreted as endorsements of any kind other than for Democratic candidates generally. I post these for information only, and encourage friends and supporters (and candidates themselves) who are willing to feel free to post their own comments to this entry.

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