Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Post-Election Primer on the Successful Public Financing of the NC Insurance Commissioner race: Crossposted Interview with Wayne Goodwin

Betsy Muse, one of my BlueNC blogger friends, today posted her interview about my views on the public financing of my Insurance Commissioner campaign.

Reading it as objectively as I can when one is also the interviewee, her interview is certainly an informative piece about the pilot program and how it affected the 2008 Insurance Commissioner's race. To read it yourself and Betsy's on-target questions, merely click right here and you'll be magically transported to it.

Coincidentally, today editors of the Raleigh News & Observer published its primary editorial in support of public financing of political campaigns. In essence, they wrote that such programs are "proving their worth" and specifically cited how well the program functioned in the Insurance Commissioner's race. Read the full editorial by clicking this link here.

Your comments on this subject are welcome both at Wayne's World and at BlueNC.