Thursday, December 13, 2007

Second for Goodwin is a First for North Carolina


Representative Melanie Wade Goodwin will make history in 2008.

When the General Assembly convenes for its legislative short session in May, Representative Goodwin will be a new mom .... again. Wayne, Melanie and (soon-to-be big sister) Madison are pleased to announce they are expecting a family addition in late April. Representative Goodwin will be the first woman legislator in North Carolina history to be expecting a child while in office.

The Goodwins view this baby to be an opportunity for families all across North Carolina.

"With the significant majority of state budget dollars going to public education, as well as to promote and protect families and children, I believe having legislators with young children is vital to the lawmaking process," said Goodwin, "and I'm pleased to be doing my part." She added, "Not only does it mean young families and young parents are directly represented when public policy is made, it also encourages these young parents to become active in the public policy process themselves.”

Rep. Goodwin says that her continued service in the legislature during and after the baby is born reflects what the Democratic Party and its House Democratic Caucus are about: children, families, and the future. House Speaker Joe Hackney agrees. "She is an excellent legislator, a legislator who brings remarkable experience to the General Assembly. Melanie is an attorney, mom, wife and career woman. We do not have a lot of youth in the legislature, but Rep. Goodwin has become a key spokesperson for young families and small businesspersons in rural North Carolina. "

He continued, "The House needs members such as Goodwin who are younger and who know how to manage careers and family. ... She does it with style and gets her work done," Hackney said. ... We need people who know what it's like to drop kids off at daycare," Hackney said.

Wayne Goodwin, meanwhile, is very proud of his wife. "I am in awe of all that she does. Not only is she a strong role model for our daughter, Madison, I truly believe that Melanie herself is an ideal role model for women today," he said. "Her continued service will inspire other women to consider public office, especially election to the General Assembly."

He continued, "Madison already is a kindergartner steeped in civics. We are excited about giving the same educational opportunities for our next child. Our children will understand our passion for and call to public service," he added. "Melanie's commitment, though, is what will make the greatest difference to our children."

What helps the Goodwins immensely with their good news is the outpouring of love and support from family members and from Rep. Goodwin's colleagues in the women's legislative political caucus.

Representative Goodwin is running for re-election to a third term in House District 66 with the support of her whole family. Wayne Goodwin is North Carolina’s Assistant Commissioner of Insurance and a former legislator.

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Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin (D) represents the 66th House District, comprised of Richmond and Montgomery counties. She and her family live in Rockingham.


lcloud said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news for everyone involved!

Wayne Goodwin said...

For those who have asked, especially those in the media, we have been assured by the legislature's own institutional memory, Gerry Cohen, that Melanie is indeed the first woman legislator to be expecting a baby while holding legislative office. We have also been given additional assurances by another legislative source in the Speaker's office.

Thanks to everyone for the very kind wishes and prayers you have sent our way upon hearing our news!

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MAC Daddy Kevin LeCount said...

I am very happy for you. What a great "first".