Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hamp Dellinger, candidate for Lt. Governor, visits Richmond County

Hampton Dellinger

Former special legal counsel to Governor Mike Easley, Lt. Governor candidate Hampton (Hamp) Dellinger of Durham visited Richmond County last week for the 2nd Annual Morrison-Deane-Goodman Democratic Dinner & Rally.

Richmond County Democrats recall that he also held a meet-and-greet at the Hamlet Public Library immediately beforehand. Hamp’s father served as Solicitor General for President Bill Clinton.

Tossing aside his coat, Hamp cheered on the 200+ Democrats. He rallied the audience by reminding them why we are all Democrats and why he is a candidate for Lt. Governor. “I'm running for Lieutenant Governor because, having worked in the Governor's office, I know firsthand the crises that can confront state leaders. I am prepared to lead this state through any challenge. I also know the daily demands on a Governor's time and the unique opportunity the Lieutenant Governor has to think not just about the next meeting but about the next year, the next decade, the next generation,” he said. “To help make North Carolina ‘Number One’, I need your help in making me North Carolina’s ‘Number Two,’” he added.

Hamp’s campaign is being assisted locally in Richmond County by Gerard Morrison, a Hamlet native and young African-American leader and longtime friend of mine.

He is an energetic candidate whose enthusiasm for public service shines through.

Hampton Dellinger and any one of the Democratic candidates for Lt. Governor would make an excellent successor to current Lt. Governor and 2008 gubernatorial candidate Bev Perdue.

To learn more about the Hampton Dellinger campaign, check out or

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Note to Reader: This is one in a series of synoptic posts about Statewide candidates who attended the Richmond County 2nd Annual Morrison-Deane-Goodman Democratic Dinner & Rally in Hamlet on November 8. Given that I serve as chair of the 8th Congressional District Democratic Executive Committee and am prohibited from endorsing in a primary, these posts are not and must not be interpreted as endorsements of any kind other than for Democratic candidates generally. I post these for information only, and encourage friends and supporters (and candidates themselves) who are willing to feel free to post their own comments to this entry.

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