Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dan Besse, candidate for Lt. Governor, visits Richmond County

Dan Besse

Winston-Salem alderman and Lt. Governor candidate Dan Besse visited Richmond County last week for the 2nd Annual Morrison-Deane-Goodman Democratic Dinner & Rally. He is one of only a couple Statewide candidates who have attended both dinners. (In fact, he also won a door prize last year!)

As the first speaker at this year’s rally, Dan told the audience of 200+ Democrats that he is not your typical local government pol: He has served as a vocal, active participant on various statewide boards and commissions for land use, clean air and water resources for the last 20 years. He also stated, “I believe that North Carolina needs experienced leadership with demonstrated commitment to the ideals of economic and educational opportunity for all, and stewardship of our clean air and water, our green and productive land, and our people's health.”

Having heard him speak on many occasions over the years – and more so since his entry into the Lt. Governor’s race – Dan has honed his message and delivery. His pronounced commitment to environmental issues and an emphasis on his local government service hit his intended mark with the Richmond County community: The county fought off a low-level radioactive waste facility, a hazardous waste facility, and a mega-landfill over the last 16 years, plus the county’s leaders have time and again voiced concerns to State government that it should not create unfunded mandates on local government, particularly on the less-affluent, less-populous counties. He is a hard-working elected official who has labored for his constituents with distinction. I am also impressed with his diligence and dedicated efforts to work on finding solutions for difficult problems faced by his constituents and the State at-large.

Dan Besse and any one of the Democratic candidates for Lt. Governor would make an excellent successor to current Lt. Governor and 2008 gubernatorial candidate Bev Perdue.

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Note to Reader: This is one in a series of synoptic posts about Statewide candidates who attended the Richmond County 2nd Annual Morrison-Deane-Goodman Democratic Dinner & Rally in Hamlet on November 8. Given that I serve as chair of the 8th Congressional District Democratic Executive Committee and am prohibited from making endorsements in a primary, these posts are not and must not be interpreted as endorsements of any kind other than for Democratic candidates generally. I post these for information only, and encourage friends and supporters (and candidates themselves) who are willing to feel free to post their own comments to this entry.

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