Saturday, November 17, 2007

Janet Cowell, State Treasurer candidate, visits Richmond County

Janet Cowell

Janet Cowell, a State Senator from Wake County and candidate for State Treasurer, attended Richmond County’s 2nd Annual Morrison-Deane-Goodman Democratic Dinner & Rally on November 8th in Hamlet.

With apologies to the State Treasurer candidates whose appearance on the evening agenda (notwithstanding the vast importance for the Office of State Treasurer) came after some of the other Statewide officeholders/candidates addressed the crowd, Janet got right to the point with the audience of 200+ Democrats:

She emphasized her qualifications (MBA, Wharton School of Business; securities analyst; consultant for Fortune 500 companies; et al.) and her plans for the Office of State Treasurer. Among those plans are: earning consistent returns on the State $75 billion in investments; ensuring an open, transparent, and accountable office; protecting the full funding of the State’s pension system; preserving the State’s AAA bond rating; further improving customer service; and, advocating for the public financing of campaigns for State Treasurer.

Janet also reminded the audience that one of the Treasurer’s roles on the Council of State is to provide advice on the way to make major improvements in the State’s infrastructure – its roads, educational institutions, and hospitals

A past member of the Raleigh City Council, Janet is recognized by observers and insiders in the legislature as a quick study and a highly capable State Senator.

Janet Cowell and any one of the Democratic candidates for Treasurer would make an excellent successor to current Treasurer and 2008 gubernatorial candidate Richard Moore.

To learn more about the Janet Cowell campaign, check out

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Note to Reader: This is one in a series of synoptic posts about Statewide candidates who attended the Richmond County 2nd Annual Morrison-Deane-Goodman Democratic Dinner & Rally in Hamlet on November 8. Given that I serve as chair of the 8th Congressional District Democratic Executive Committee and am prohibited from making endorsements in a primary, these posts are not and must not be interpreted as endorsements of any kind other than for Democratic candidates generally. I post these for information only, and encourage friends and supporters (and candidates themselves) who are willing to feel free to post their own comments to this entry.

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