Monday, October 8, 2012

Insurance Commissioner Goodwin Announces Historic Insurance Fraud Arrests: 600 Arrested So Far on Goodwin's Watch!

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin announced that his team busted the largest single embezzlement and insurance fraud scheme in the history of the Department of Insurance.

In what appears to be at least $5.3 million, Goodwin's sworn law enforcement officers and criminal investigators worked and built the case so that the four arrests could be made and the most solid case could be presented to the grand jury.

"This is an instance where the insurance company reported something seemed to be amiss, and my team went in and rooted out what we believe is the largest multi-million-dollar embezzlement in state history. My thanks goes out to the company and to the local prosecutor for working as a terrific team," said goodwin.

On his watch Goodwin's administration has made more than 600 arrests and recovered more than $49 million for victims of insurance fraud.

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