Monday, October 8, 2012

Goodwin Widens Lead: Ahead in Three Statewide Polls for Insurance Commissioner

As a result of his intensified campaigning, his statewide advertising, and the public just paying more attention, incumbent NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has led his challenger in all three public statewide polls.

The two most recent polls - one by Public Policy Polling and the other by Civitas - had Goodwin up by five and eight points, respectively. The first poll had Goodwin's lead at three points; the significance about that one is the survey concluded before Insurance Commissioner Goodwin launched his TV and radio advertising, and it was not too long after Causey appeared on a ballot for the second (runoff) primary. (For additional background, go to this link here.)

This news does not bode well for Republican challenger and perennial candidate Mike Causey, who does not appear to have raised sufficient funds to make a credible media purchase statewide.

Watch for Goodwin, who has ordered insurance rate cuts and refunds and rebates of over $1.4 Billion, to maintain and solidify his lead in the final weeks before the election.

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