Saturday, November 21, 2009

Prevent Strokes, Save Lives: Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin and DOI Honor Memory of Jim Long

Your North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) is supporting Rex Healthcare's Red Tie Campaign to prevent stroke. This campaign is in memory of former Insurance Commissioner Jim Long. Please take a moment to read through the Red Tie Campaign website and tell your family and friends about how to prevent stroke! The link is here.

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin on November 19, a day he declared as "Red Tie Day", led a large band of NCDOI employees during a walk to support the Rex Healthcare Red Tie Campaign to prevent stroke. Employees wore red in memory of Jim Long, who was known for wearing a red tie.

"Jim Long's public life was all about 'teaching moments.' Whether it was with the Safe Kids program, the Seniors Health Insurance Information Program, the Office of State Fire Marshal or a myriad of others, he zeroed in on real-life ways to help people. Even with his unfortunate and unexpected passing, another 'teaching moment' emerged, this time so that many others could be aware of the symptoms of stroke and learning early on how to prevent the number one cause of death among adults," said Insurance Commissioner Goodwin.

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