Friday, November 20, 2009

Tony Rand Brought Rock-and-Roll to Rockingham

Persons interested in North Carolina politics have been all abuzz over the last two weeks about the surprise decision of Senate Majority Leader and uber-lawmaker Tony Rand to retire.

Equally surprising – and yet still related to Senator Rand – is the most common reason for visitors to my Wayne’s World blog over the last year, including as recently as yesterday.

Specifically, these Internet guests from around the globe (including Japan, Norway and Australia) all want to read about the legendary Rockingham Peachtree Rock Festival held in Richmond County, North Carolina at the North Carolina Motor Speedway.

By popular demand and in light of Senator Rand’s decision to retire, here is the link to my original post from more than two years ago.

Perhaps Wayne’s World will hear from more personages - including the General Assembly’s own
Gerry Cohen, a commenter to the 2007 post – who fondly remember the occasion.

Of course, in light of the “haze” that settled over the Rockingham speedway before, during and after the mega-concert, many more guests may not recall anything at all. And for good reason.

And that doesn’t count the streakers.

Remember, it was the early ‘70s. Folks did that a lot back then.

I’m sure that all the attendees and the historic performers from North Carolina’s own version of Woodstock wish to thank Tony Rand of Cumberland County who, years before his entry into legislative politics, brought rock-and-roll to Rockingham. We haven’t been the same since.


Wayne Goodwin said...

Here is a link to a recent Fayetteville post about the same 1972 Peachtree Festival event in Rockingham, along with some additional information from participants.

Wayne Goodwin said...

And, yet, here is more:

North Carolina political observers will note that Senator Tony Rand was not the only person who helped bring rock - and 80,000 hippies and music enthusiasts to Rockingham - Lyndo Tippett, later the state's Secretary of Transportation, was instrumental as well!

Wayne Goodwin said...

An attendee - and survivor! - of the Peachtree Rock Festival has started a website dedicated to memories of the event. Here is the address:

Wayne Goodwin said...

Here is where the rock festival photos were originally posted.

Wayne Goodwin said...

Here are photos from one of the groups performing at the Festival. This group was named "Birtha Rocks".