Saturday, August 2, 2008

Stanly County Welcomes Bev Perdue, North Carolina's Next Governor

On Thursday night, July 31st, I had the honor and privilege to join a diverse group of North Carolinians supporting Bev Perdue for Governor of North Carolina as she visited Stanly County.

No fewer than 200 folks - not just Democrats by the way - all convened at Bill Mullinix's pastoral farm off of U.S. Highway 52 between Albemarle and Richfield.

Lt. Governor Perdue wowed the crowd, but that's no surprise. She reminded all of us of her work on advances in education, keeping our military bases, and fighting for progress in our great State during her many years of service in the General Assembly and as Lt. Governor. Everyone agreed that Bev Perdue has the tenacity, the toughness, and the skills to be North Carolina's next great Governor. She can go toe-to-toe, eyeball-to-eyeball with anyone she needs to in order to do what is best.

Senator Bill Purcell introduced the Lt. Governor.

Other officials in attendance included:

State Rep. Pryor Gibson
County Commissioner Sherrill Smith
Former U.S. Marshal Becky Wallace
Superior Court Judge Susan Taylor
Chief District Court Judge Tanya Wallace
District Court Judge Kevin Bridges
Former State Senator Aaron Plyler

And, yes, candidates turned out in full force as well. Some of them were:

Wayne Goodwin, NC Insurance Commissioner candidate
Larry Kissell, 8th District, U.S. Congress
Amy Wilson, candidate for District Court judge
Charles Collini, candidate for Superior Court judge
John Daniel, candidate for District Court judge

Many area business leaders co-sponsored the successful fundraiser, along with local officials in government and education.

I fully expected the usual band of yellow-dog Democrats from the central 8th District to attend this Bev Perdue fundraiser. And they did. (They hailed from Stanly, Richmond, Union, and Montgomery counties.) But what is most telling is that there were a good number of Republicans in attendance, some of whom were hosts and helped with the fundraising. Having significant crossover from across the partisan aisle is an essential element for Statewide victory in North Carolina.

Meanwhile, from a highly reliable source I learned that the Perdue campaign raised at least $60,000 from this one event on Thursday night.

I don't know about you, but that's a lot of money for those of us growing up on a farm!

Notwithstanding, that sum shows the extent of this region's commitment to a Perdue administration.

Wayne's World predicts that Perdue will win the 8th Congressional District counties by handsome margins in November, and will be our next Tar Heel Governor.

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