Friday, December 21, 2007

Meet the Sponsors of the Democratic Victory Luncheon on January 26, 2008

Though we want every Democratic voter in North Carolina to be aware of this message, the following message is primarily designed for the 700+ persons hailing from each of the the State's 100 counties who will attend the North Carolina Democratic Party's State Executive Committee meeting in Hamlet on January 26, 2008.

To save time during your visit and full day of Democratic Party business, and as a function of our hospitality, you are invited to a FREE lunch hosted by the Richmond County Democratic Party and the Eighth Congressional District.

Because 2008 is going to be a Democratic year, we have named it the "Democratic Victory Luncheon".

However, the persons who have made this Democratic Victory Luncheon possible - as well as the subsequent Democratic victories that will follow in November - are the following SPONSORS who have provided the necessary funds to make lunch available to everyone at no cost. The sponsors are:

Lt. Governor Bev Perdue, candidate for Governor
Treasurer Richard Moore, candidate for Governor

State Senator Kay Hagan, candidate for U.S. Senate
Jim Neal, candidate for U.S. Senate

Jim Long, Insurance Commissioner and dean of the Council of State

State Representative Melanie Wade Goodwin and
former State Representative Wayne Goodwin

Beth Wood, candidate for State Auditor

David Young, County Commissioner and candidate for State Treasurer

Sen. Janet Cowell, candidate for State Treasurer

Joint Sponsors / Candidates for the Court of Appeals
and N.C. Supreme Court

Judge Cheri Beasley (Court of Appeals)
Judge Kristin Ruth (Court of Appeals)
Suzanne Reynolds (Supreme Court)

Of all the luncheon sponsors, the lead or primary sponsors are the two Democratic gubernatorial candidates.

Lunch will be served from 11 a.m. through 12:30 p.m. in the banquet rooms of Cole Auditorium, located at its proud home of Richmond Community College in Hamlet, North Carolina. (The main campus, adjacent to the auditorium, is on West Hamlet Ave., U.S. Highway 74 Business.) So that everyone will have time to eat and make it to the 1 pm start of the official meeting, we respectfully request that attendees eat and then make way for others who will be following them in the banquet room line.

To learn more about the January 2008 State Executive Committee meeting, please go to An early summary about the occasion also appears in the October 15, 2007 blog entry here at "Wayne's World."

Remember this: Due solely to the sponsorships by the above candidates, every person attending the State Executive Committee meeting will enjoy a FREE BBQ & Chicken lunch. Please express your appreciation to the above sponsors for their thoughtfulness in remembering attendees of the State Executive Committee meeting. And, of course, remember them at the polls when you vote in May and November!


Wayne Goodwin said...

Assisting in the event are also: the Richmond County Democratic Women, the Moore County Democratic Party, State Representative Pryor Gibson (D-Anson, Union) , and District Attorney Michael Parker.

Wayne Goodwin said...

By popular demand (and because mapquest and Google have given some folks multiple addresses in Richmond County for the college) I am now providing the specific street address for the Jan. 26th event at Richmond Community College:

It is 1042 West Hamlet Avenue in Hamlet, NC.

If you are a member of the State Executive Committee member, then you should have received a mailing today from the NC Democratic Party with the same info.

In a subsequent entry I will identify several local tourist attractions and other points of interest for our wonderful Democratic visitors. Among those locations are Ellerbe Springs Inn (where Eleanor Roosevelt once stayed), Rankin Natural History Museum in Ellerbe, the Hamlet National Railroad Museum, the old Hamlet Opera House, and the Hamlet Train Depot. We may be able to arrange for a visit at either the Rockingham Dragway or the speedway.

Wayne Goodwin said...

We now have two more folks who are assisting the Democratic Victory Luncheon. They are:

Former State Senator J. Richard Conder (also former member of the Utilities Commission); and,

State Representative Tricia Ann Cotham

My personal thanks to them both!

Wayne Goodwin said...

State Senator Bill Purcell, one of the finest legislators you'll ever find and a gentleman with unimpeachable integrity, whose Senate district stretches across the center of the 8th District and includes Richmond County, will also be assisting with this event.

Wayne Goodwin said...

Michael Weisel, candidate for Treasurer of North Carolina, contacted the Richmond County Democratic Party today and has become a co-sponsor of the luncheon.

Wayne Goodwin said...

Also helping: The Union County Democratic Party.

Wayne Goodwin said...

With apologies to Beth Wood, Democratic candidate for State Auditor, and one of the major sponsors of the recent Democratic Victory Luncheon where we fed 640+ people, I learned that her photo had not been added to this posting. That is, until now.

She was listed in every blog post and in every mailing about the luncheon.

Wayne's World regrets not having a photo in time for earlier publication.

However, here's a heads up: I will be doing a separate posting about Beth Wood's campaign very soon. Please plan to check it out. Thank you!