Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wayne Goodwin Campaign Continues to Gain Re-election Momentum:

Has 20 to 1 Advantage Over His 2012 Opponent in One Key Area

There are several ways to measure a successful political campaign.

Most obviously would be to count votes.
But what about before the election – how do you measure success before the votes are cast?

It comes down to (1) money raised; (2) organization; (3) a ground game; and (4) supporters.

NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin appears to be winning on all fronts.

As for money raised, Insurance Commissioner Goodwin has raised more funds for this election cycle than any other person has raised for the office since its inception in 1899. Since he was sworn in, he had raised in excess of $520,000. As of the last campaign report, Goodwin had over $300,000 cash-on-hand and a few more scheduled fundraisers to go for the year.

His opponent, Mike Causey, had only mustered less than $30,000 total and had approximately $14,000 on hand as of June 30 before a costly run-off primary election.

At the organizational level, Goodwin has strong support among various constituent groups and keys in every county.

As for Goodwin’s ground game, the state’s elected Insurance Commissioner has been barnstorming the state almost non-stop since 2008 but has ultra-ramped up efforts especially over the last eight months. Every week he delivers multiple speeches to myriad groups, attends functions at fire departments or community gatherings, or is quoted in various newspapers all around North Carolina.

And then there are his supporters. His Facebook supporters alone outnumber his opponent’s list 3 to 1 and his contributors outnumber his opponent’s by 10 to 1. It probably also helps that Goodwin’s goals of consumer protection, fighting for low and fair insurance rates, and helping our firefighters are substantive – plus he has a significant, proven record to back it up -- while his opponent uses worn phrases like he’ll “bring more insurance companies to the State” and he’ll lower rates in certain areas of the State.
“To do what Causey is promising would mean many fewer consumer protections, insurance rates set at any level the companies wanted, and making the rest of the State pay more for insurance coverage than other areas,” pointed out Goodwin. “Voters need to listen closely to what he is saying and remember that Mr. Causey is the fox wanting to guard the henhouse.”
While Goodwin is running for re-election on a strong consumer protection record, his opponent – a retired insurance industry executive and paid lobbyist – is seeking the same office for the fourth time in 20 years. Unlike Causey, Goodwin has never worked for the insurance industry and has never been a lobbyist.
“We need an insurance commissioner with a successful track record and who knows how to fulfill the obligations of this office,” said Insurance Commissioner Goodwin. “I have bipartisan support and a team that champions consumer protection, saving $1.3 Billion during my term, and succeeding in the conviction of 330 persons for insurance fraud. This is not the time to change horses midstream and certainly not the time to try out this important office on someone who is untested and unready.”
Though his campaign continues to gain momentum, Insurance Commissioner Goodwin is aggressively underscoring the achievements of his administration and how he and his team both saved major money for consumers and successfully encourage companies to write insurance business in North Carolina.

Goodwin maintains that he is THE serious candidate for this very serious job.

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