Friday, August 10, 2012

Goodwin Challenger Mike Causey Fires Himself As Campaign Treasurer

Following up on the previous post linked here, the State Board of Elections has published a document indicating that candidate Mike Causey has now fired himself as his own campaign treasurer.

Until a few days ago and various campaign finance irregularities arose, candidate Causey served as his own treasurer, which is lawful.

This news comes on the heels of Causey's admissions to certain campaign finance allegations.
"The job of Insurance Commissioner requires great attention to detail, oftentimes minute details. Nobody's perfect. But it is important to know that an Insurance Commissioner responsible for setting various insurance rates and making decisions impacting businesses, the insurance marketplace, and people's pocketbooks knows to watch those details and follow the law," said incumbent Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin.
Follow Goodwin's ongoing discussion of issues by becoming a friend to his campaign Facebook page or following him on Twitter via @WayneGoodwinNC. Alternatively, stay tuned to the campaign website,

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