Thursday, May 31, 2012

Insurance Commissioner Goodwin Signs Onto $40 Million Settlement: Individuals, Families, Businesses and Public Schools to Benefit

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has entered into a $40 Million settlement with a group of MetLife insurance companies. North Carolinians will receive approximately $1 Million in the interstate settlement that may eventually be valued at $400 Million for consumers.
"This decision is further evidence of my strong support for consumers, whether they be individuals, families or small businesses," said North Carolina's Commissioner Goodwin.

He also stated:
“MetLife has agreed to improve its business practices in ways that enhance consumer protection and may benefit North Carolinians,” said State Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin “And, as a result of this settlement, many life insurance beneficiaries may receive the benefits they’re owed.”
Benefitting from this decision will also be the public schools of North Carolina.

Goodwin is seeking re-election this year, and points out that over the course of his term he has saved consumers more than $1.3 Billion. "My November opponent, a perennial candidate, is closely aligned with the insurance industry, which makes me wonder where he'd stand on this," he added.

To learn more about the MetLife settlement, go to this link here or to this additional link.

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