Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Insurance Commissioner Goodwin Launches Suggestion Box on NCDOI Website

3-2-1. ... Liftoff! We have liftoff of the Insurance Commissioner's "Suggestion Box"!

As yet a further means to connect with consumers and take consumer protection to a new level at the North Carolina Department of Insurance, Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has launched a "Suggestion Box" for easy input by email for the public.

To view or try the Suggestion Box, go to this link here.

"Government transparency is very important to me. Throughout my administration I have greatly improved public participation by North Carolina consumers, families and businesses in the work of the Department of Insurance. In addition to public comment periods and greater emphasis on public hearings and a revamped website and social networking by the NCDOI, I'm very pleased to introduce the Suggestion Box," said Commissioner Wayne Goodwin. "I encourage everyone to try it out as needed."
He also reminds folks that all suggestions entered into the system become public records, whether submitted anonymously or with a real name.

Over the last year the Department of Insurance has also added a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, and an RSS feed.


Anonymous said...

Transparency is necessary to cast the light of day into the shady areas where ethics and morals go to die. I applaud your efforts. I keep hearing from "conservatives" about how sleezy DEM politicians have become. I disagree with them simply because it's a more general malaise that seems to affect everyone. Most everyone finds themselves tempted to push the limits from childhood on. Transparency is one good way to help keep honest people truly honest.

Wick said...

Hello, Wayne! Just do your job as if I, or another devil, is just one step behind you!

wick haynes