Saturday, October 10, 2009

Creative Loafing Columnist Compliments Commissioner

John Grooms of the popular Creative Loafing publication in Charlotte surprised me recently. His very kind column, linked here, appeared from out of nowhere, and is the type of pleasant surprise for persons in public service that makes up for many of those days when the burdens of one's job seem extra heavy.
The text appears below:
Amazing – public servant actually serving public
September 28th, 2009 by John Grooms in Boomer with an Attitude

"Many of us have grown so cynical about politics, it’s often just assumed that once politicians get into office, they forget their promises and start figuring out ways to cash in. Which makes news of an elected official doing his/her job — actually being conscientious! — a pleasant surprise. The BlueNC Web site reports on actions by NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin to fight insurance fraud. Not just penny-ante cases, either. Last Tuesday, they arrested the CEO of Pace Airlines for skipping out on his employees’ health insurance plan; and on the same day, they busted Mark Hall, the owner of Market Street Advisors of Smithfield for ripping off $168,000 in life insurance annuities from a 90-year-old woman in Garner. So far this year, Goodwin’s department has successfully prosecuted 67 criminal cases, with over $9.7 million in restitutions and recoveries.

“Oh, that’s it?” you ask. Yep, that’s it, but consider that 10 percent of your insurance premiums goes toward the payment of fraudulent claims. Goodwin and his beefed-up crew of investigators are, amazing as it may seem, doing good work for the public good, and they deserve to get credit."
Thank you, Mr. Grooms! The Department of Insurance and I will continue to do our best for North Carolinians from Manteo to Morrisville to Matthews to Murphy.

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