Monday, September 22, 2008

Eighth District's Goodwin Sees His Lead Grow for NC Insurance Commissioner in Two Independent Polls

The Eighth Congressional District's past chairman has taken his largest lead yet in the race for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner.

Wayne Goodwin sees the numbers as evidence of many months of hard work meeting at least 500 new voters a week and contacting thousands more weekly by mail, by email, and through surrogates. "Now is the time when all of my grassroots campaigning will start to bear fruit," he said. Goodwin is currently North Carolina's Assistant Insurance Commissioner and the Democratic Party candidate seeking to succeed incumbent Jim Long.

With less than 44 days until Election 2008 concludes, the trend in Statewide polling for this and other Council of State offices has been favorable for Democratic candidates. (For the poll summary from the pollster's related blog, go here.)

On that point, Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling said, "Incumbent Democrats and those in open seats, like (Treasurer candidate Janet) Cowell and (Wayne) Goodwin, should win comfortably."

Even the conservative Civitas poll showed Goodwin in the lead over John Odom, except the gap was even greater: That poll placed Democrat Wayne Goodwin ten points over the inexperienced Odom.

Goodwin isn't taking anything for granted, though. In fact, his schedule will "ramp up" this week and will continue at a frenetic pace through November 4th. "These poll numbers are a snapshot. To build on that snapshot I'm going to work even harder than before to show voters why I'm the only qualified candidate running for Insurance Commissioner," he said.

Observers from across the political spectrum - Democrats, Republicans, and Unaffiliated voters - say that there is just too much at stake with the complex job of Insurance Commissioner to allow any other candidate for Insurance Commissioner to prevail. These same observers point out that the Republican candidate owns three muffler shops and has no actual experience or knowledge of the office of Insurance Commissioner.

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Anonymous said...

The addition made to the post since the original version is the reference to the Civitas poll. It is quite telling that a Democratic pollster and a conservative-sponsored poll have each determined that Wayne Goodwin is the leading candidate for NC Insurance Commissioner.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Goodwin recently received the endorsement of the Black Political Caucus of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

This General Election 2008 endorsement mirrors what he received for the primary election.

Anonymous said...

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