Monday, October 1, 2007

Governor Easley Signs Legislation of State Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin

Governor Mike Easley signed a multitude of bills recently, some of which dealt with progressive ethics and campaign finance reforms. One lawmaker whose legislation received the Governor's pen and ink was State Representative Melanie Wade Goodwin, Democratic lawmaker in the Eighth Congressional District for Montgomery and Richmond Counties. She chairs the Election Laws and Campaign Finance Reform Committee and serves as Vice Chairwoman of the Judiciary 1 Committee in the House. With all that has occurred in the last year or so, these two committees have lived up to their reputations as "work-horse" committees. Congratulations, Rep. Goodwin!


Damon Circosta said...

As someone who spent many an hour in election law committee meetings, I can attest to the tight ship that Rep. Goodwin runs.

The daily grind of lawmaking may not be glamourous. It is serious work. Rep. Goodwin does an excellent job of making sure that work gets done.

Doralyn said...

Just curious, but as we approach the presidential in 2008 and a large slate for voters, is there a cap on precinct size?

Doralyn said...

Or, if there are not regs on precinct size, a requirement for satellites in a precinct if it is a certain size?