Saturday, October 13, 2007

8th District Well-Represented at Vance-Aycock Dinner

Our fellow 8th Congressional District Democrats should be quite pleased to know that our area was well-represented at last weekend's annual Asheville gala at the historic Grove Park Inn. (The issue of a probable name change of this annual NC Democratic Party dinner will be held in abeyance until the January 2008 State Executive Committee meeting.)

In addition to yours truly of Richmond County, I saw the following folks who hail from one of our 10 counties:

Drew Arrowood - Cabarrus
State Representative Tricia Cotham - Mecklenburg
Sarah Gulledge - Stanly
Larry Kissell - Montgomery
Dannie Montgomery - Anson
Bill Mullinix - Stanly
Leanne Powell - Cabarrus
Elizabeth Roscoe - Stanly
Nancy Rorie - Union
Michael Taylor - Stanly
Judge Susan Taylor - Stanly
U.S. Marshal Becky Wallace (ret.) - Stanly

(State Representative Melanie Wade Goodwin sent her regrets for missing the Asheville weekend gala but had good cause: She remained in Richmond County to attend various district events, and to take our daughter to church. Though I may be biased in saying so, Melanie is doing a phenomenal job looking after the needs of both her constituents and her daughter!)

And, though he lives in Carrboro now, it was also great to see Thomas Mills working the Jim Neal for U.S. Senate hospitality suite. Thomas's father was a long-time jurist here in the Anson County region, Judge Fetzer Mills.

Others with 8th District connections were sprinkled throughout the crowd, a crowd ecstatic about the coming elections and the promise that Democratic leadership from bow to stern offers America. (Let me know of other District folks that you'd like for us to highlight here by either adding a comment to the blog or by dropping me an email message.)

Incidentally, members of the 8th Congressional District also joined countless colleagues from across the Tar Heel State in Insurance Commissioner Jim Long's hospitality suite. The dean of the Council of State did indeed provide ample hospitality, and fun was had by all. For political pundits, activists and strategists the gathering proved to be the ideal place to fraternize, analyze, plot and scheme. I was further pleased to see a strong friend of our district there, Chief Justice Sarah Parker, and many of both our young Democrats and our stalwart party leaders who have slogged through many a campaign.

Apart from what the 8th District was up to in Asheville, I will soon share some terrific news with you that will be a tremendous booster shot to our growing efforts to re-take our Congressional seat and to energize a vital base of our Party. Stay tuned!


LadyDem said...

The Vance-Aycock Dinner was a wonderful and exciting event. The atmostphere was electrifying as you could sense Democrats are looking forward to the 2008 elections. Your state First Vice Chair, Dannie Montgomery, from the 8th District was present at the event. You may have missed her but she saw you --and says you were having a great time. If you can update your list to add her name -that would be great! Go DEMS!!!

Wayne Goodwin said...

Dannie: You are absolutely right on every point! The event was indeed wonderful, and the atmosphere was electrifying. Moreover, you were there, Dannie! I corrected the original post by putting you in the list of 8th District attendees in Asheville. Thank you for all you do for the 8th District but also for the NC Democratic Party ...