Saturday, August 27, 2011

NC Insurance Commissioner Goodwin Breaks Re-election Fundraising Record

Raises More Than Quarter-Million Dollars Before 2012 Election Year; Doubles Previous Known State Record for the Office

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin's campaign for re-election in 2012 has hit a record milestone: He has raised more than double what his long-serving predecessor raised at this point in an election cycle.

Specifically, according to official campaign reports filed in July, North Carolina's state insurance regulator has raised more than $260,000 already and he hasn't even hit high gear yet. It is fourteen months until the General Election.

Reaching that plateau shatters the previous record for fundraising at this stage of the election cycle for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner.

His predecessor, the late Jim Long, apparently raised less than half of that amount in 2003 and 2007, the two most recent comparative reports one-year before an election. Long served 24 years as Commissioner.

Goodwin's support comes from a broad group of persons: Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters; consumers; insurance professionals; small business owners; and, business and industry leaders.

Seventy-three percent of his contributions come from individuals.

"I am deeply humbled and energized by the personal and financial support from such a broad, diverse, deep pool of citizens," said Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin. "The record that voters and I care about the most, though, is my record of saving more than $1 Billion already for individuals, families and businesses in our State."
On Goodwin's watch and due to his efforts, North Carolina has maintained the lowest car insurance rates in the South and has the eighth lowest rates in the nation even though it is the ninth-largest state.

Through his efforts and the work of his team, many new insurance companies have also flocked to the State for new licenses since 2009, a fact which signals strong competition and that further translates to good prices for customers.

Also, Commissioner Goodwin has saved individuals, families and North Carolina businesses more than $1 BILLION since taking the oath of office and his team has had tremendous success in fighting insurance fraud.

Furthermore, he has been a national leader on consumer protection and transparency in government. Voters, industry officials, and insurance regulator peers have heralded his reasonable, non-partisan, common-sense approach to leadership.

Political professionals regularly report that successful fundraising early on in an election cycle is indicative of a strong campaign with strong support, and is further enhanced by incumbency.

Filing for re-election occurs in February 2012.

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Further analysis and comment on this post is found at

In that post, Mr. Simpson states the following:

"One wonders whether Commissioner Goodwin intends to follow in the footsteps of Jim Long, who served as Insurance Commissioner for 25 years - or will Commissioner Goodwin start to look at higher office in the coming years? With a long history of serving in various capacities in North Carolina politics, he has no doubt developed an extensive network of supporters around the state, as evidenced by his record-setting fundraising for his 2012 reelection campaign. Only time will tell what Commissioner Goodwin's ultimate goals are. In the short term, Commissioner Goodwin has made it clear that he will be a force to be reckoned with in the 2012 Insurance Commissioner campaign."