Saturday, December 11, 2010

NC Families Report Receipt of Historic Insurance Refunds: Just in time for Christmas and End-of-Year Bills!

As reported previously here at Wayne's World and around the State, two hundred fifteen thousand families and small businesses over the last two weeks have been receiving their historic $156.8 Million in refunds from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, pursuant to a mutual agreement crafted in part by NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin.

If you don't believe that the checks have literally been "in the mail" and are now in the hands of individual policyholders, then look at the accompanying picture of a refund check totalling more than $999! (Wayne's World appreciates a reader for emailing the photo.) And, if you need even more proof, check out the myriad comments linked here (go to the bottom of the previous page link) from a very diverse group of individuals representing every portion of the Tar Heel state. The good news has even caused quite the positive flutter on Facebook over the last two weeks.

Counting these most recent refunds, NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has been responsible for more than $900 Million in refunds and insurance rate cuts within his first two years in office alone.
"I'd say the work product of this office and the entire Department of Insurance has provided a tremendous economic stimulus package to North Carolina, in addition to vital consumer protections and a solvent, reasonably-regulated insurance market," said Insurance Commissioner Goodwin.

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