Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Doesn't See GOP Shadow, Dems Elated

Today, February 2nd, is traditionally Groundhogs Day.

Though Democrats have had a lot to be nervous about over the last few months – including the loss of the Kennedy seat in the U.S. Senate and two governorships - a partisan Punxsutawny Phil and Democratic Donkeys should see yesterday’s item from Politico.com and Gallup instead of their shadow. (After all, even groundhogs and donkeys have Internet access these days!)

Entitled “Poll: Most States Remain Blue,” Andy Barr’s column goes to prove that things aren’t necessarily as bad as they seem in 2010 for the Democratic Party.

In sum, it says that America remains in the Democratic camp nationally. Those findings are based on state-by-state polling statistics that involve a poll universe of 353,849 adults in all 50 states last year and the District of Columbia.

For Punxsutawny Phil, Democrats and progressive unaffiliated Americans, it sure beats another six weeks – or ten months – or two years – of a Republican winter!
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Phillip said...

Here in Cumberland County, we are still going "blue"! After the tidal wave of 2008, we don't have a single GOPer in any of our partisan elected offices...from the president to the county! And we intend to keep it that way in 2010 (and I'm certainly doing my part!).

Here in Cumberland, the only real challenges we have to face from the right wing is maintaining the 8th District congressional seat in Democratic hands and getting Richard Burr out of the Senate. As long as we can have Cumberland maintain its Democratic vote, then we can stay a "blue" county until 2012!