Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin: Named "Richmond County Citizen of the Year"!

I am so proud of Melanie!

She juggles - and always has, ever since we first met - so many things so well: Mother, wife, daughter, aunt, friend, officer of the court, businesswoman, lawyer, State legislator, Junior Woman's Club president, civic leader, Democratic Party leader, advocate for women's rights, supporter of the arts, active United Methodist, staunch UNC-Chapel Hill alumna, a capella vocalist, promoter of Richmond County motorsports, etc., etc., etc. ... She truly amazes me!

Melanie is an inspiration and a phenomenal role model for our seven-year-old daughter, Madison, and for other young women. (Of course, I'm naturally biased on this point. But, hey, I ought to know, right? Facts are facts.)

To learn more and read about her selection by the Richmond County Chamber of Commerce, click on this link. Melanie received the surprising news of her nomination and selection while waiting for our daughter at the school bus stop several days ago. Here is an excerpt from the Richmond County Daily Journal:

“I had no idea I’d been nominated, I was absolutely speechless when she called,” Goodwin said. “I am honored beyond words and deeply humbled that I would have been nominated and selected.” ...

Since making her home in Richmond County Goodwin has served as president of the Democratic Women of Richmond County, president of the Richmond County Junior Women’s Club, served on the Arts Council board, First United Methodist Church women’s circle, served on the founding board of the Christian Closet, was vice chair of what is now New Horizons and was a board of commissioners appointee to the Sandhills Area Mental Health Board.

“When I opened my practice in Hamlet after finishing law school, my husband was in the state house and he loved the community and I wanted to learn about and become a part of it,” Goodwin explained. “The best way to do that was to get involved with as many things as possible and it quickly became my home.”

“This is a great place to be and raise a family,” she added. “There are a lot of wonderful things about Richmond County. People here are good people. I’ve been proud to serve them in whatever capacity.”

Goodwin has served in the N.C. House of Representatives for three terms and she [said] the experience has opened her eyes.

“My time in the House has enlarged my view of the people and the human condition,” she said. “It’s helped me empathize with people across the district who don’t have the same life situations as I do. It’s helped me advocate for those without a voice in the political process and it’s been an incredible experience that has absolutely changed my life.”

In 2007 Goodwin made the biggest jump in effectiveness in the state house and moved up from 73rd to 31st.

Goodwin said she’s not sure what she’ll do when her term is up, but that she’ll likely find something to get involved in.

“I’m sure I’ll find another cause to embrace and opportunity to advocate,” she said. “Even before law school I’ve always been a woman’s advocate and have always been passionate about that. I’m sure I’ll find something.”

Goodwin said she’s not sure who nominated her, but she’s incredibly honored.

“It’s such a tremendous honor for a community I care about so much and have invested so much of myself in,” Goodwin said.

In a press release from the chamber, board of director’s chairman Marchell Adams-David said, “Melanie has worked tirelessly for the betterment of our community during her tenure in the N.C. House. Her tenacity and work ethic is to be applauded, and what a wonderful way for our community to say thank you to her for her years of dedicated public service.”
The recognition ceremony will take place next month, at 6:30 pm on January 28th, at Cole Auditorium, Richmond Community College campus, in Hamlet, North Carolina.

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