Thursday, July 16, 2009

Public financing of statewide campaigns continues to make the news

Readers of "Wayne's World" may be interested in three columns about optional public financing as a campaign finance reform that also referenced my 2008 Insurance Commissioner race.

One of them is an op-ed piece I authored that ran in multiple newspapers statewide, including The Pilot of Southern Pines. For a presentation of my essay that includes video commentary and supporting links, go to this specific Voter Update link here, sponsored by the N.C. Center for Voter Education.

The other is by Chase Foster of N.C. Voters for Clean Elections that appeared in multiple formats, including here at this link. The full version of his article is at this separate link.

And the third is a national column by the organization Public Campaign. The profile piece provides the nuts and bolts difference between my traditional statewide campaign of 2004 and my grassroots, publicly-financed statewide campaign in 2008.

For background on previous coverage and blog posts of this subject, check out these additional links here and here.

All the above is especially relevant in view of pending legislation in the General Assembly to include additional Council of State offices in this voluntary program.

Editor's Note: Blogpost was updated to include recent national column by Public Campaign and the relevant link.

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