Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wayne Goodwin's Insurance Commissioner Campaign Receives Contributions from Alamance to Yancey: Certified as Publicly-Financed Candidate

Goodwin Leads Republican in Recent Statewide Poll

In the pilot public financing program for Council of State offices, the State Board of Elections has certified that Wayne Goodwin has met the qualifications for public financing as the Democratic Party's nominee.

With only eight weeks to accomplish the feat, the Goodwin campaign secured small-dollar, qualifying contributions of $10 to $200 from approximately 1,200 registered voters from Alamance to Yancey Counties. He also refused both contributions from out-of-state and PAC contributions.

Goodwin blew the minimum threshold in contributors and money raised "out of the water." The 2007 Voter-Owned Elections program required only 750 registered voters. Goodwin is estimated to have raised approximately three times the amount of the minimum monetary threshold.

"I am also pleased to report that a significant number of Republican and Unaffiliated voters also contributed to my campaign, in addition to the majority of Democrats. In their comments these voters all across the political spectrum stated loud and clear that North Carolina's next Insurance Commissioner must have the competence and the experience to serve in the office," said Goodwin.

Dick Barnes, campaign manager for the Goodwin campaign and a former State Senator, had this to say: "This strong show of support is further proof that Wayne Goodwin, already leading in the polls, is in the best position to win in November and to serve the best interests of every consumer and every small business in North Carolina."

He also asserted that when it comes to who is most competent and experienced to serve as Insurance Commissioner, Democratic Party nominee Wayne Goodwin beats the Republican nominee "hands down."

"Only Wayne Goodwin has a proven record of fighting to keep insurance rates low, reasonable, and fair," says Barnes. "Goodwin is also the only candidate who will continue the progress of legendary Insurance Commissioner Jim Long, who saved $4.3 Billion for consumers. Jim Long, by the way, has strongly endorsed Goodwin from Day One."

Goodwin was the first Insurance Commissioner candidate to refuse money from special interests. He will spend the rest of the 2008 campaign only meeting with and listening to North Carolina voters, and not fundraising.

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Anonymous said...

The least Wayne can do is have a pig-picking. He can show off that new baby and treat us all to the best part of the hog.

Chris said...

Congratulations Wayne!

Anonymous said...

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