Thursday, April 10, 2008

8th District's Rep. Melanie Goodwin, Sen. Purcell Make Significant Gain in Effectiveness

Entitled "Local Leader Climbs in Poll", the April 10th issue of the Richmond County Daily Journal says, in part:

Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin (D-Hamlet) made the biggest leap in effectiveness out of all of the members of the North Carolina House of Representatives, based on a poll released this month.

The North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research Inc. showed Goodwin vaulted from 73rd in 2005 to 31st this year — a difference of 42 places. The only lawmaker to come close was Rep. Grier Martin (D-Wake) who went up 38 spots. He was ranked 68th in 2005 and is now ranked 30th.

Goodwin is serving her second term in the house. She is a member of the appropriations committee and chairman of the election law and vice chairman of the Judiciary I committee. She also serves as a member of six other committees.

“It’s an honor,” Goodwin said of the ranking. “I can say with every passing day I learn something new as a lawmaker. I’m learning how to get things done for my constituents and for general citizens. A lot of what I’ve learned is that getting legislation passed is all about the personal relationships you have with your colleagues. I’ve worked very hard to establish relationships not just in my party, but with members across the aisle so we can pass good laws for our citizens.”

It’s been a challenge for me, but I feel like it was the right time and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously,” Goodwin said.

To read the full article, then go to the following link:

It mentions Sen. Purcell and Rep. Goodwin, as well as Rep. Grier Martin, Speaker Joe Hackney, and others.

We are very proud of two of the Eighth District's best state legislators!

And, of course, I am most proud of Melanie. She has not only served 2 terms in the legislature (and is ready for her 3rd), but has done it with amazing grace, competence, hard work, and style. Plus, our 2nd child is expected to be born in 3 weeks ... and she is s-o-o-o much a better legislator (and better looking) than her predecessor. :) Congratulations!


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Goolsbee says the cause is: dramatically increased returns to skill i.e. college degrees are paying off better and better all the time.

Uh, huh, yeah but that does nothing to explain the rise of the super rich, nor the increasing poverty of everyone else.

The cause is simple: Reagan cut the top tax rate down from the 70%'s to the low 30%'s AND Corporations all over America trotted out the "Two-Tier Wage Structure" - - right after Reagan was elected. i.e. pay everybody at the top a whole lot MORE, pay everybody else a whole lot LESS.

The rich are getting richer, and have been doing so at a faster & faster rate for the past 30 years -because of RADICALLY INCREASED RETURNS to CAPITAL.

Everybody else has been getting poorer and poorer over that same time span because its been CORPORATE POLICY to pay everybody else a whole lot less; (not to mention the fact that - everybody else has been Paying a Lot More Taxes - to make up that portion of the Federal Budget no longer being paid by the wealthy - or not currently being "borrowed" from our children and grandchildren.)

My grandpa was a farmer, son of a share cropper. In his later years he worked for an experimental farm operated by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. The people who ran the farm had degrees in agriculture. My grandpa had a LIFETIME of EXPERIENCE.

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Case in point: Howard Fineman of Time magazine, and an MSNBC "News Analyst" ... plaintively whining to Chris Matthews on Hardball last week: They shouldn't be complaining about US - they shouldn't be blaming US for our coverage ... We're JOURNALISTS --- reporters --- we just report the facts.

NO. They are highly paid Propaganda Operatives who would make Goebbels (Hitler's Propaganda Minister) PROUD.

GE, 2nd largest corporation on the planet, Westinghouse, Excelon Corp of Illinois, Entergy w/utilities in the Southern States have been planning since 2005 - When the Cheney Energy Bill was passed - to build 29 new nuclear power plants. (licensing hearing for the first few have already been scheduled).

GE owns MSNBC & NBC. Westinghouse owns CBS. AND they have Billions of Advertising $$$$ to spread around in all other forms of media. Obama & McCain are PRO-Nuclear. Clinton says nuclear can be considered in the future IF they make it CHEAPER and find a way to SAFELY and PERMANENTLY dispose of the nuke waste.

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Starting out the campaign season with the consensus of opinion being that a large majority of voters were all in favor of electing Hillary Clinton President w/Any Republican nominees chances of being elected standing at virtually NIL ... what was the nasty party of the rich & super rich TO DO?

Same thing they Always do Pinky ... Divide & Conquer! (HOW ELSE can a very small minority CONTROL a much larger majority?)

Can YOU think of anything better to DIVIDE the Democratic Party than ... to run a black man Against THAT WOMAN?

Contrary to the Media's BIG LIES:

Obama started the negative campaigning several months ago during the first Philadelphis debate. He began with NAME-CALLING with him & his wife endlessly repeating ... disingenuous...Hillary's disingenuous ... while his campaign staff and surrogates went on TV yelling ... She's a Liar, a Liar, a liar.

Next, the Obama campaign pushed those ...totally absurd... accusations of "racism" to the press because they were LOSING the South Carolina primary.

The LYING and Propaganda have continued to this day ... Obama's the negative dirty campaigner; the Media turns it around exactly backwards & Blames Hillary.

Neither one can gain enough delegates to get the nomination ON THE BASIS OF DELEGATES, but DELEGATE COUNT, having FAILED to get the job done ... the Media Proclaims that it should be the ONLY criteria to get the job done.

First the Obama camp INSISTS on Playing by the RULES:(FL & MI delegates DON"T COUNT); but, NOT Playing by the RULES: SuperDelegates are ENTITLED to and CHARGED to: SELECT the BEST, most Electable candidate - that's the RULES - But NO, don't do THAT!

Obama claims he has special "talents" for working across the aisles, bringing people together to get good new progressive legislation passed - CHANGE -We can Believe In; as EXEMPLIFIED by 26 wonderful Bills he got passed WHILE in the ILLINOIS legislature.

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He has little to NO experience or accomplishments that would in any way qualify him to be President of anything -or- give him much more than a CLUE about crafting and passing legislation in the U.S. Congress ... absent ... a party leader willing to Falsely give him credit for other people's work.

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I found that information, including plenty of details, with very little searching on the internet, so you would think the media could, and would, find it too would think that... only IF you had not been watching the media very much this campaign season.

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