Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Eighth Congressional District Hosts College Dems Winter Reception: Former State Representative Honored

The North Carolina Federation of College Democrats proudly hosted its first ever Winter Reception in the Eighth Congressional District on Saturday, January 26, 2008 at the historic Hamlet Train Depot. It followed the N.C. Democratic Party’s State Executive Committee meeting in Hamlet, North Carolina. I (Wayne Goodwin) was humbled to be the honored by the organization.

This is the first fundraiser of its kind held by the Federation. The group asked for sponsorships beginning at the $100 dollar level. All proceeds benefited the Federation and its various projects throughout the state. The Federation chose the Eighth Congressional District because it is a district where are focusing heavily for the 2008 elections.

As the first-ever honoree of the reception, the very organized and outstanding group of College Democrats heralded my many years as a Democratic Party activist, former state legislator, and past State officer for both the College Democrats and Young Democrats.

During remarks at the depot, and after being humbled by unexpected comments from NCFDC officers and others, I told the crowd that this occasion should best be about the need for more young people in public service and how Hamlet holds a special place in my heart. “Just as this train depot stands at a crossroads, Hamlet and small towns like it across North Carolina are at a crossroads. Raleigh and Washington must focus more intently on the needs and the promise of small towns like ours … The future of America depends on the success of our small towns.”

Previously on the BlueNC blog, State Representative Tricia Ann Cotham of Mecklenburg County said, "Wayne Goodwin is most deserving! Kudos to NCFCD for honoring Wayne Goodwin. Wayne is one of the greatest Democrats I know. He is full of passion, determination, and is a true party faithful. Wayne is a great advocate of people and represents the Democratic Party well."

(Rep. Cotham, herself, is a role model for young leaders: She entered the legislature at age 28 and has been a prominent supporter of both Young Dems and College Dems.)

Local and state officials attending the event included Insurance Commissioner Jim Long; State Representative Melanie Wade Goodwin; District Court Judge Scott Brewer; District Attorney Michael Parker; Svea Strong, chairwoman of the Richmond County Democratic Party; Jeff Joyner, past state Commander of the American Legion; Larry Kissell, 8th District Democratic candidate for Congress; Winston-Salem alderman Dan Besse, candidate for Lt. Governor; Canton Mayor Pat Smathers, candidate for Lt. Governor; multiple state Democratic officials; as well as local attorneys and political candidates from Richmond and surrounding counties. More than 100 celebrants joined in. Seaboard Station Restaurant of Hamlet catered the reception.

The Eighth District thanks the College Dems for holding its inaugural reception here.

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