Sunday, August 5, 2007

Open Thread for Eighth District News

This is an opportunity for Democrats to tell everyone what's on their mind or what's happening in their neck of the 8th District woods ...

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Notes from the Chair

Greetings, Democrats!

It has been a year since I took over as party chair after Jeff Marks, the previous chair, was deployed, and it has been an exciting year. Many people have stepped up and taken over critical projects. This is what makes our Party great!

A few examples: Last fall, we conducted a successful get out the vote (GOTV) campaign. Thanks to many volunteers, we contacted thousands of voters by phone and in person from our Person Street office. We also conducted phone banks, door-to-door GOTV projects, distributed candidate information on Fourth Fridays in downtown Fayetteville and on Halloween, and provided transportation to the polls.

This past winter many of our precincts re-organized, and we organized others that had not been organized for a while. This remains a major project for CCDP, our goal is to have most precincts organized by Dec. 31. If you would like to know if your precinct is organized, ask!

We have two new auxiliaries, the Teen Democrats (CCTD) and the renewed Democratic Women. CCTD organized early enough to participate in last fall's election. The Women met for the first time in June. We are excited about what these two important organizations will bring to our Party.

We continue to see local Party members becoming leaders at the state level. Senior Dem Reva McNair is president of the NC Senior Democrats and Young Dem Kara Hollingsworth is Committeewoman for Young Democrats of NC. Wynne Kelly, president of CCTD, is also secretary for NC Teen Democrats. Chris McLamb of Young Dems is Third Vice-Chair of the Seventh Congressional District Executive Committee. Lastly, I serve on the State Resolutions and By-Laws Committee.

We are now celebrating a year with a web site, featuring Rodney Lewis as our webmaster. It is continuously updated to show the most current events going on in our party. We encourage everyone to use it ( We had a very successful County Convention this spring, electing officers, passing resolutions and taking a straw poll on the Democratic presidential primary candidates.

As a party, we have also put together, with the Executive Committee adopting, a strategic plan for the next two years. It is an ambitious plan, and it will take a lot of people to implement it. Anyone wishing a copy can email me at With municipal elections approaching, we will be looking at increasing voter turnout.

We have had several officers participate in Leadership training. I have been excited and energized by efforts of many party members. Please keep up the good work and don't wait to be asked to help out.

Roberta Waddle, Chair

News from our Auxiliaries

Senior Democrats

During the June meeting, the veterans and membership committees presented reports to members. Reports were also given from the District Conventions and the NC Senior Dems. There was discussion about the county's recycling program and about the Cumberland County Mental Health Rape Crisis Center and their defunding. Roderick Lewis updated members about the Senior Dems website.

At the July meeting, the guest speakers included Larry Kissell, candidate for Congress for the Eighth District, and Jean Reaves, president of the N.C. Coalition on Aging. Preparations were also made for the NC Senior Democrats convention in Salisbury in August.

Democratic Women

The Democratic Women of Cumberland County met and reorganized with the help of Roberta Waddle, CCDP Chair, and Barbara Faison, State President of DWNC, on June 5. The following officers were elected:

President: Bertha Crosby
1st Vice President: Pam Gore
2nd Vice President: Renee Deramus
3rd Vice President: Kamina Fitzgerald
Secretary: Myra Hilliard
Treasurer: Lisa Scales

Annual membership dues were approved in the amount of $10, with $3 per member sent to the State as required by the constitution.

Meetings will be held the 2nd Thursday of each month at Sammio's Restaurant located at 2623 Raeford Road at 6:00 P.M. The guest speaker for the July meeting was a representative from Democracy North Carolina.

Please come and join us!

Young Democrats

CCYD had their monthly meeting on July 14 at Haymont Grill, featuring candidate for Lt. Governor, Dan Beese, councilman from Winston-Salem. Other candidates present were Larry Kissell, running for Congress in the Eighth District, and Larry Clubine, running for City Council, District 5. Members of the Cumberland County Teen Democrats were also present.

CCYD will also continue their voter registration booth in front of the Women's Center during Fourth Friday in downtown Fayetteville. Please join us to help or just to say hello (we have free stickers and candy!!).

CCYD is pleased to inform everyone of their new website at

Roderick Lewis, president of the Progressives, says:

"The goal of the CC Progressives is to provide a forum whereby progressive views can be expressed and action can be taken to affect policy for served and undeserved populations of the county. Some of the issues we have provided educational forums on and supported in the past year include the environment, recycling, voter education and same day registration, the rights of disabled Americans, women's rights, children and education issues, and gender rights. As an organization, we agreed to write letters to the Justice Department asking that Fayetteville's government not move to an at-large model; we wrote and contacted State Representatives regarding the cost to taxpayers on the annexed portions of the county, as well as asking them to support tax relief for senior citizens and collective bargaining rights for public employees.

We participate in Fayetteville Beautiful projects, support animal rights through PETA rallies and we have shown movies which are free and open to the public on a wide range of issues such as "Kilowatt Ours," "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and "Poison Dust." We also work in coalition with other organizations such as the NC State NAACP on its 14 Point Goals and with Fayetteville Peace with Justice Committee.

We are on the Web at"