Sunday, April 15, 2007

Open Thread - Any Topic of Interest - Your call

To the new folks who've been reading the blog for the first time in the last month and asked for a chance to chime in on any topic, here's your chance ...


Anonymous said...

Wayne, I hope u run for Commissioner of Labor again, Cherie Berry must go. She has never been there to run daily, or even weekly or monthly operation of the agency and has left it to her chief deputy commissioner, John Baldwin, who has neither business nor common sense. I believe he was a valet at the general assembly before this job and he is in way over his ability to handle the job. Morale at the agency is the lowest I have ever seen. Many good, professional personnel at the agency have been discarded because of the incompetence demonstrated.

Wayne Goodwin said...

Thank you, Anonymous.

I have been meeting with supporters across the State for more than a year, and recently sent out a mailing to 3,000 voters on this subject. I intend to make a formal decision on my 2008 plans re Labor Commissioner shortly after the legislature adjourns. It appears that the legislature will adjourn within the next week. I will issue a statement within 2 weeks or so thereafter.

Thanks, again, for your encouragement!