Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Inaugural Post

OK, I've finally done it!

After spending countless hours - years - reading and posting to other blogs here and yon, I answered my own question: Why don't you start your own? Certainly there are enough opinions and ideas and interests and events worthy of comment, even if I am the only one who ever posts. Or the only one who ever reads it.

I do not see this as a diary, though occasionally it might help me to share what's going on in this part of the southern Sandhills/Piedmont of the Tar Heel State.

So, then, that begs this question: What is this blog about?

Well, first and foremost, a discussion among Democrats and those interested in Democratic Party candidates, issues, campaigns, and the like within North Carolina's Eighth Congressional District. At least through 2011 when the General Assembly must resume its next round of decennial redistricting, the district includes all or some of Anson, Cabarrus, Cumberland, Hoke, Mecklenburg, Montgomery, Richmond, Scotland, Stanly, and Union counties.

What else is this blog? I forecast it as another web-based location for folks interested in progressive North Carolina politics, some discussion about history and current events here and nationally, and perhaps even a literary reference now and again.

If this blog has served any usefulness by this time next year, I personally hope to have learned something about myself and anyone else who has invested time in discussing whatever is on our collective or individual minds. We will have had a good conversation and fostered clean, lawful, informative deliberation on whatever comes up. And who knows ... By then we might have done our part in making this corner of Tar Heel Heaven a much better place.

Welcome to Wayne's World and the end of my first entry!


Chartreuse dog said...

'Grats on your first post. I'm not in your district, but Larry Kissell got us all interested in the 8th, so I'll be checking in from time to time. Here in Johnston County, I guess I'm in the reddest part of the 2nd, but we're working on changing that. Looking forward to the conversation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

I hope you'll cross-post early and often. We need every bit of insight we can get about the District and it sounds like you know your way around the Capitol as well.

We've heard rumors that some folks are talking about entering a Democratic primary against Kissell. Do you know anything about that?

odgs said...

Kewl blog Wayne. I'm hearing those rumors too. I hear Chris Kouri and Rick Glazier. I hope their own ambition to run for Congress doesn't stick all of us with a primary. Larry Kissell had the balls to run last time when they considered running and didn't. What do you think?

Drama Queen said...

Congratulations, Wayne, on your blog's birth! What a great idea for all of the districts.

I've been thinking for the last year that a state-wide blog can only begin to touch on the local news and views from all 13 districts. And I've been wondering when the democrats of a region, if not an individual district, would be get over the initial start-up hump . . .

Although I'm a 10th district resident with a big 11th district history, I watched the Kissell race with much anticipation and I'm expecting him to win this next time.

I can see Wayne's World playing a role in that victory . . . So, thanks for getting the party started.

Anonymous said...