Saturday, January 1, 2011

NC Insurance Commissioner Helps Lead Raleigh "People's Processional" to Ring in New Year

For a News & Observer photo of NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin marching in the People's Processional on December 31, 2010, go to this link here. This parade is the City of Raleigh's regular prelude to the big countdown to midnight and welcoming the new year.

Tens of thousands of revelers gathered along the parade route, with many hundreds of persons also in the parade.

Standing in front of Commissioner Goodwin are his daughter, Madison, and niece, Autumn, both of whom are holding the parade banner. To the left of him is NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall.

"It is both fitting and proper for me to participate in the 'People's Processional' because it is my job - my duty - to protect our people each and every day, making sure that every day folks have access to insurance that is fairly priced and in a market that's solvent," said Insurance Commissioner Goodwin.

Goodwin Launches Re-vamped Campaign, Facebook Websites for New Year

Now that 2011 began mere minutes ago, please visit North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin's brand new campaign Facebook page (I hope you'll "Like It" and recommend it to your Facebook friends!) and also take a short stroll through his completely revised, new campaign website which is linked on the site and in this very sentence.

Both the website homepage ( and the Facebook wall have a short intro video from Commissioner Goodwin on them.

Happy New Year, friends and visitors ... Onward to 2012!