Thursday, July 22, 2010

VP Biden Visits Chapel Hill, Inspires Supporters

It's not every day that the Vice President of the United States calls you out specifically by name and encourages folks to applaud.

Well, it happened to me on Thursday, and really made my day!

Governor Bev Perdue,Secretary of State Elaine Marshall (and U.S. Senate candidate), and I were the only statewide elected officials present. Also in attendance at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill were NC House Speaker Joe Hackney, Senate Majority Leader Martin Nesbitt, and Rep. Verla Insko.

As outlined by WRAL-TV and the Raleigh News & Observer, Vice President Joe Biden "deliver[ed] a vigorous defense of the administration's record" and also had the following to say:
“Now that the heavy lifting is over, we can go out and make our case,” Biden said.

The vice president said that the Republicans “are wildly out of step” with popular opinion on a broad range of issues from holding oil companies responsible for cleaning up the spill in the gulf to supporting basic regulations to prevent another meltdown on Wall Street.

“They say they want to put on the brakes,” Biden said. “But they really want to do is throw us in reverse. As the president said, they drove the car in the ditch. ...

Biden said there are limits to what government can do.

“Barack and I are realists. Government is not the answer. But we also know we can plant seeds. These seeds that have been planted have generated whole new industries.”
As 2012 beckons, the recurring visits here by both the President and the Vice President are proof that North Carolina is ground zero as a swing state.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

As July Comes to Close, Goodwin Reflects on Recent Travels

Including Recent Independence Day Events

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin regularly criss-crosses the State, sharing news of the work of his expert team and how together they fight on behalf of consumer protections and fair ratemaking.

Though many pols take parts of the months of June and July off, our insurance regulator didn't slow down.

He visited most corners of the State, including beach, coast, piedmont, foothills, and mountains.

Goodwin was especially energized during his July 4th holiday visits and parades. Southport, Troy, Raleigh, and Ellerbe were among his stops.
"Recalling those long, hot weeks when our Founding Fathers ultimately and articulately declared our national independence - along with the patriotic flourishes resplendent at such events - always give me goosebumps and a greater sense of purpose," said the Commissioner of Insurance.
Southport's revered annual Fourth of July Festival was especially inspiring: Colonia regalia, flag-raising, patriotic speeches, Americana-laden holiday parade, and the like.
"I commend the Mayor and the Southport-Oak Island Chamber of Commerce for doing an excellent job once again this year."
Goodwin also delivered speeches or visited folks in Pinehurst, Smithfield, Charlotte, Monroe, and Greensboro during this time frame.

Goodwin Promotes Long-Term Care Insurance Initiative, Savings for Families and the State

One of Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin's legislative goals in 2010 was North Carolina'a recognition of and passage of the special Long-Term Care Partnership initiative, which provides an incentive for individuals to plan ahead for future long-term care and nursing home care needs while preserving and protecting one's savings and estate for the family from Medicaid spend-down requirements. To learn more, go to this link.

"The bottom line is that this Partnership program will allow our citizens to keep more of what they've earned and saved over the course of their lives, and still be able to meet Medicaid eligibility requirements," added Insurance Commissioner Goodwin.
Another beneficial effect of this program: over time, the State budget will save millions of dollars.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Fundraiser in Pinehurst for NC Insurance Commissioner

Pat and Jody Molamphy
cordially invite you to a

Summer Fundraiser Reception



Thursday, August 5, 2010
6:00-8:00 pm

at their home
120 St. Mellions Drive, Pinehurst, NC

Sponsor Levels:
$1000 • $500 • $250
Suggested Contribution: $100

The first five contributions of $1,000
will also receive a room that night at
Pinehurst Hotel & Resort

Make your personal check or PAC check out to
“The Goodwin Committee”or make your donation securely online via or this link here.

For more information, email